Terms & Conditions of Sale

Terms & Conditions of Sale

General –

In the conditions of sale below, the “seller” means Discovery Stone Surfaces Ltd, the “buyer” means the person, firm or company purchasing the goods and the ”goods” means all materials, products & services provided by Discovery Stone Surfaces Ltd.

The giving by the Buyer of any delivery instructions for the goods or any part thereof or the acceptance by the Buyer of delivery of the goods or any part of thereof or the issue of any documents by the Buyer in confirmation of the transaction set out on the basis thereof, after receipt by the Buyer of a copy of these conditions of sale shall constitute unqualified acceptance by the Buyer of these.

Except as otherwise provided In these conditions of sale, all other terms, conditions, warranties and representations (whether oral or in writing) are excluded from any Contract between the Seller and the Buyer and these conditions of sale supersede any and all prior promises, representations, undertakings or implications.

Quotes Terms and Conditions

Quotes are only valid for 30 days unless otherwise noted.   This is an estimate based on measurements provided to Discovery Stone Surfaces Ltd  by the Buyer and as such can be subject to changes once a template has been conducted. All pricing will be based upon final measurements and specifications agreed at template.  You (the Buyer) will be notified of any change to costings prior to any material being ordered or fabricated.

Private Cash Sale/Trade Cash Sale –

A 50% deposit would be required by the Buyer at the point of order and the Buyer will also need to supply a signature to agree terms and conditions.  Only once terms have been signed by the buyer, then we (the Seller) will then proceed to order in the goods and book in a templating date.

Templating dates should be requested no later than 4 weeks in advance of date required.  We will do our upmost to accommodate any shorter timescales but cannot guarantee that this would be possible.

Once templating has been completed the Buyer will need to check over any advised changes to layout, goods or cost provided by the Seller.  A second signature from the Buyer will be required to agree that they (the Buyer) are happy with any suggested changes.  Only once we (the Seller) receive this confirmation will the stone be put into production. 

We (the seller) will ask for the remainder of the sale price of the order to be paid no later than 24 hours before we proceed with installation.

We (the Seller) require at least 48 hours’ notice if an agreed template or install date needs to be delayed/rearranged. 

Account Sales – 

To buy from Discovery Stone Surfaces Ltd via a credit account, applications by the buyer should be set up in advance of the first order and a maximum credit amount shall be agreed.

Account applications are only available for businesses/companies who can provide suitable documentation at the point of application and the account applicant will be bound by terms and agreements of the credit application.

An application for a credit account does not automatically guarantee that credit facilities will be provided to the applicant.  The results of this will be based on us performing a credit check on the applicant.  Any applicants who fail to meet all the criteria required will not be considered.

If the cost of the order exceeds the credit limit agreed, a minimum of 25% of the order value will be asked of the Buyer up front to allow us (the seller) to order goods and book in a templating date.  

The account holder will need to supply a signature to agree to the terms and conditions of the order before any goods are ordered into the factory.

Once templating has been completed the account holder will be responsible to check over any advised changes to layout, goods or cost.  The account holder will then need to provide a second signature to agree that they are happy with the changes discussed.  Only once we (the seller) receive this final confirmation, will the stone be put into production. 

We will require the remainder of the sale price of the order to be paid to Discovery Stone Surfaces Ltd no later than 30 days after the order is delivered.  Failure to do so will result in further action as detailed in the credit application terms and conditions.

Templating dates should be requested no later than 4 weeks in advance of date required.

We require at least 48 hours’ notice if template or install date needs to be delayed/rearranged. 

Cancellation/Late notice  –

If the appropriate notice of 48 hours is not given before a pre-booked template or install date then an aborted template/installation fee of £300 should be paid to Discovery Stone Surfaces Ltd before any alternative dates are offered.

Should the order be cancelled before goods are ordered then a set cancellation fee of £150 shall be retained from the deposit originally paid.

Should the order be cancelled after goods have been ordered to factory then we (the seller) shall retain the cost price of goods + additional cancellation fee of £150 from the deposit originally paid.

Should we (the seller) arrive on site only to be unable to complete the template/installation due to lack of preparation or circumstances out with our control then an aborted template/installation of £300 should be paid to Discover Stones Surfaces Ltd before we agree a date to return to site.

Late payment on credit accounts are subject to separate terms and conditions agreed with the Buyer at application stage.

Production and Installation – Joint positions are placed to make best use of the material and size of the slab. The position of the joins may change after the point of templating on site.  If this is found to be the case and the pieces no longer fit out of the goods that were originally costed, then there will be an additional charge for the extra material required.   Any existing worktops must be removed before template unless otherwise agreed.   Removal of existing worktops is not included in our price but can be provided at an additional charge if confirmed at quotation stage.   Discovery Stone Surfaces Ltd cannot provide hob or sink disconnection & reconnection but can provide contact details of certified engineers if required.   The Hob and sink are required to be on site at the time of the template.   The buyer or the buyers representative are required to be present at the beginning of the template to go through everything in fine detail so the buyer will get exactly what they have asked for.  The Buyer or Buyers representative will also require to be present at the end of the template.  If there is no one on site to sign off the completion of the template then a further visit will be required (charged at £150 per visit) before we cut the material.   The Buyer will be responsible for signing off on the hard template taken as the sizes and sketches on the original quote are indicative.    Any changes made at or after the point of templating must be approved in writing prior to the job being sent for fabrication.  Absolutely no fabrication will be undertaken until a signature is given to confirm the specifications & sizes recorded.   All final pricing is based upon final measurements and specification agreed at template.   Installation charges are based on a 2 man team.  Additional fitters are usually required when a large island or breakfast bar is required and we will advise you if additional staff are required after your template appointment.  If extra staff are required there will be a charge applied to reflect this.    Please advise us of any access restrictions at the point of ordering where possible (such as how many stairs lead to the site, or if access is tight).  Extra charges may apply dependant on any unexpected access restrictions we encounter on arrival to site that leaves us unable to carry out your installation.   If no one will be able to attend the installation, or we will be unable to gain access to the property then you must notify us no later than 48 hrs in advance of the appointment.  Failure to do so will result in an aborted installation fee of £300 which must be paid before any new dates are agreed.   Please be aware that we will seal all upstand or splashbacks to the worktops, and the worktops to any tall housing units with a waterproof, colour matched sealant.  However we will NOT caulk between stone and decorated surfaces such as walls.    Joint positions have been placed as discussed at template and are shown in the drawings provided at confirmation stage. If any extra material was required, it has been included in the final agreed price.   We will require someone to be onsite and sign off after the installation.  If a signature cannot be obtained at the installation appointment then you will have 24 hours to report any issues.  If we do not hear from you within this time then we will presume that you are happy with the completed job and close your job file.    Discovery Stone Surfaces Ltd will not be held accountable for any issues reported after 24 hours.       Warranties, inspection and Defects   Where goods are collected by the buyer or its agents from the sellers premises, it will be the responsibility of the buyer or its agents to inspect the goods before removal from the sellers premises.  Upon such removal, the buyer will be deemed to have accepted the goods and the seller shall be under no liability for any loss of damage to the goods which occurs or may have occurred after the removal of goods from the premises.   Where the goods are delivered and installed by the seller or its agents to the buyers premises/address nominated by the buyer, it shall be the responsibility of the buyer to inspect the goods as soon as is practical and in any event within 24 hours of delivery and installation.  If any defects are noted in this time period please notify us in writing and we will arrange inspection by an appropriate party within 14 days.   If the seller accepts that the goods are defective it will at its sole discretion replace or repair the defective goods free of charge. Where a replacement or repair is not an option, we will arrange to credit the buyer with the value of the goods affected.   All buyers are encouraged to register the warranties that come with the purchase of a bespoke stone surface.  These warranties are individual to the nature of the goods purchased therefore any defects or failures that have arisen over time will be subject to the warranty terms and conditions provided by the chosen manufacturer.  Any defects, damage or failures that are deemed a result of improper care or use of the goods may not be covered by the warranties originally provided.  If this is proven to be the case, the seller will no longer be deemed liable for any further defects or failures recorded.   The Seller shall not be liable for any loss of profits, revenue, contracts or business arising from any consequential or indirect loss, damage or delays during the supply and installation of the goods.                

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